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Ok, I got somethin’ new for you guys…

Memphis Mae’s

Do you know the way to Memphis Mae’s?  Well you should.  Memphis Mae’s is this great little BBQ place in the village of Croton on the Hudson.  And while it’s not dock and dine, believe me Buddy, it’s worth getting off the boat for.  It’s even worth getting in the car for. Memphis Mae’s is the perfect spot for a little taste of southern comfort on a warm summer night. 

Their menu is huge; my favorites are the Pulled Pork (which I’ll admit is even better than my own), the Smoked Hogs Wings and the Chicken Fried Steak.  Michael always gets the BBQ Road Trip; a combo of brisket, pulled pork and ribs.  Nothin’ seems to satisfy a man like a big honking plate of meat.  It’s an easy place to take the kids too – their menu is so kid friendly.

They have these deliciously outrageous side dishes, things like Fried Pickles, sweet Drunken Yams and Smoked Corn Salad, just to name a few.  I usually make sure to get the Peach Apple Sauce, Hushpuppies and Mac & Cheese.  I share.

You have got to try the Smoked Hogs Wings appetizer.  They are pork shanks that have been slow smoked till tender and than quickly crisped up on the outside.  If you like porky like I like porky, get an order for the table.  You pick them up by the bone with your fingers and dip them in one of the several yummy sauces they give you.  My kids call them pork lollypops. 

I think that’s one of the things I like most about Memphis Mae’s, their creativity.  The menu is jam packed with both the comfort classics and the really inventive, things I’ve never seen before with a southern feel.  Now, when I walk in and there’s something unique on the daily specials I always try it.  (Unless it’s catfish, I hate catfish.)  Memphis Mae’s uses a lot of local ingredients; their Hudson Valley Sausage is mouth watering with a kick on the end.  Besides, where else around here can you get real Fried Green Tomatoes?  For those of you who thought it was just a movie – go check this place out.  You haven’t truly lived until you’ve had a real fried green tomato, and theirs are wonderful; ask for the sauce on the side.

Memphis Mae’s seems to have come up with the perfect combination of authentic southern cuisine and raw creativity. 

There are so many wonderful dishes, it would be impossible – and definitely over my word limit – to list them all.  But it’s not just the food that makes Memphis Mae’s special; it’s also the atmosphere which makes you feel right at home.  The environment is warm and cozy without being crowded.  The soft blues coming over the sound system seems to set the tone for the restaurant.  The service has always been good and they have an excellent selection of beers.  How can you go wrong?  They even have our good friend Captain Lawrence.  I love their sweet tea.

Memphis Mae’s specializes in southern comfort food but their menu has a great deal of salads and lighter fare for the faint of pork.  There really is something there for everyone.  Man, I just hate clichés.

After you’ve ordered your dinner and are debating about dessert, just know this, it’s a must.  Banana Bites are a take on the classic dessert Banana Pudding – which they happen to have as well.  They are bite sized bits of banana pudding battered and fried with a chocolate dipping sauce.  Yup, try that for decadently different.  Their Biloxi Blondie is delicious too, all the deserts are but there is one that requires special mention; Smokey Mountain Chocolate pie.  It rocks the house; you have to taste it to believe it.  The house smoked pecans and walnuts give this chocolaty pie a flavor that I’ve never come across before.  It’s like having dessert from the campfire.  That with a cup of coffee is just a heavenly way to end the meal.  So now do you know the way to Memphis Mae’s? 

It’s located at
173 South Riverside Drive
Croton on the Hudson, NY  10520
(914) 271-0125
& they deliver!

So the next time you see the sign for Croton on the Hudson, ask yourself, am I in the mood for a little southern comfort tonight? 

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